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MHA Recovery Services

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About MHA Recovery Services

MHA Recovery Services is a pivotal initiative by the MHA Nation, offering a comprehensive directory of addiction and recovery programs throughout North Dakota. The service aims to centralize and simplify access to various recovery resources, incorporating cultural and spiritual healing, family wellness, and dedicated paths to sobriety. The organization’s commitment to the community and long-term recovery of its members is the driving force behind its diverse network of programs and services.

How 701 Studios Was Able to Help

When MHA Recovery Services sought to extend the reach of their invaluable resources, 701 Studios stepped in to design a digital platform that not only consolidates their services but also amplifies their mission. Our approach was holistic — understanding the essence of MHA Recovery Services, we crafted a website that is intuitive, informative, and easy to navigate and access.

SEO Strategy Makes Information Easier to Find: Through a planned SEO strategy, we ensured that individuals seeking recovery services find MHA Recovery Services with ease on the search engines. Our SEO-optimized content aligns with how the community seeks help, ensuring a wider reach and lasting impact.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Recognizing the necessity of accessibility, we designed a mobile-responsive site. Users can now access resources on-the-go, ensuring support is always within reach.

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